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Enable a secure identity infrastructure for the cloud

What is Entra ID?

Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) should not be confused with traditional on-premises Active Directory. It brings a host of new capabilities for helping you flourish in the cloud era. With Entra ID, we can help you enable authentication services, collaborate with third parties, and use self-service suit options all while safeguarding your organization’s identity framework. 


What does Entra ID help you do?

Enable authentication services

Support users in the way that makes sense for your business objectives by enabling services like single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for cloud and on-premises applications.

Establish a foundation for zero trust

Create a base for a zero trust security program with features like conditional access and integration with Microsoft Intune.

Collaborate with third parties

Grant application and data access securely to business partners and consumers. We design and implement solutions that include Entra ID B2B and Azure AD B2C.

Utilize a suite of self-service options

Realize the power of device registration, self-service password management, application management, group management, and more.


Client challenges we resolve with Entra ID

Our expert consultants are globally recognized leaders in Microsoft cloud technology and are more than capable of configuring Entra ID so it works for you. We have been working with Entra ID since its release and can configure Entra ID to ensure your environments are safe and secure and fits around the complex needs of your organization and your users. 


The main challenges we help our clients resolve using Entra ID include: 

Single sign-on

Single Sign On

Bring cloud applications and on-premises applications under the umbrella of Entra ID to provide single sign-on and easy access to your users while maintaining flexible security.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Use Entra ID conditional access, risk intelligence, and information from Microsoft 365 to create a Zero Trust security program.



Use Entra ID to meet regulatory compliance requirements, including with CUI and export controlled information in Azure Government.

Identity governance

Identity governance

Connect to HR systems like Workday and Success Factors and automate provisioning to cloud and on-premises applications. Manage user access and groups with entitlement management and access reviews.

On-premises integration

On-premises integration

Unify complex on-premises Active Directory implementations into a single cloud identity.

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