A comprehensive Office 365 offering

One identity

Azure AD means Office 365 identity can be easily managed, audited and controlled.

A reality of mobile working

Allow employees to access your content and applications from wherever they are, boosting productivity and cutting barriers to collaboration.

Compliant cloud

When configured correctly, Office 365 is just as—if not more—secure than on-premises enterprise environments, meaning you remain compliant.

Sovereign cloud support

Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) High provides a compliant solution for storing data like CUI and CDI.

Office 365

Our expertise

Office 365 is the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise productivity platform. It brings your workers the latest tools and introduces a new possibilities for how work gets done. However, working in the cloud entails risks. It is essential to plan how you will use Office 365 in a way that ensures you remain secure and compliant.

Our Microsoft certified consultants have enormous combined expertise helping organizations of all sizes and industries configure Office 365 for their security, identity and compliance needs. We work closely with you, providing guidance and support to ensure you have the technical infrastructure in place to make your move to the cloud a success. Our team also has specialized expertise working with the Defense Industry Base (DIB) to implement Office 365 GCC-High.

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