We give you total control over who accesses your environment

Active Directory Health Check

We identify problems in your current approach using our Active Directory Health Check and provide guidance on how you can improve your processes.

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Single sign-on simplified

Our consultants work with you to ensure you get all the benefits of single sign-on, making it easier to access your applications without compromising on security.

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Building a roadmap to automate IAM processes

We work closely with your organization to create a roadmap for deploying automated IAM that fits around how you work.

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Implementing the right Microsoft technology for you

Whether you’re in the cloud, on-premises or have opted for a hybrid approach, we help you select and deploy the most appropriate identity and access management solution.

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Identity and access

Our expertise

Many enterprise security breaches happen because of poor internal identity and access management processes—and they can cost you millions of dollars in fines and damage to your reputation. Governing who has access to what in your environment is essential, yet too many organizations depend on risky manual identity and access management (IAM) processes.

Our identity and access management experts work closely with you to deploy Microsoft Identity Manager and Azure Active Directory in the way that best suits your organization. We literally wrote the book on Active Directory, meaning you can depend on our internationally recognized consultants to deploy IAM the right way for your organization, whatever its size.

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