10 Quick Wins in Hybrid Identity

10 Quick Wins in Hybrid Identity

Deploying Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) doesn’t have to be a complex, multi-year project. While there’s always planning and change management involved, there are dozens of features in Entra ID that you can start taking advantage of today. Not only can these features and capabilities simplify your end user experience and enhance security, but they can often cut costs too. In this presentation, Brian Desmond discusses things to know, potential roadblocks, and decisions you’ll need to make for each scenario, as well as real-world examples. Whether you already own Entra ID or your organization is considering it, you’ll walk away from this session with ideas and know-how that will enable you to quickly start taking advantage of your investment.

What you will learn:

  • Features of Entra ID
  • Entra ID Deployment Tips and Tricks
  • Hybrid Identity Security Best Practices