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Miles Gratz

Miles Gratz helps to design, build, and support Identity & Access Management systems in hybrid and cloud environments. He works with Defense Industrial Base customers to deploy Microsoft Azure Government and prepare their cybersecurity posture to achieve CMMC certification. Miles brings a strong background in automation to deliver creative and efficient solutions for his customers.

Components of a PKI, Part 5: Hardware Security Modules

Not all organizations require their own PKI solution; however, most leverage Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services because it integrates directly with their existing Active Directory environment…

Components of a PKI, Part 3: Certificate Revocation

One important function of Certificate Authorities that’s mentioned briefly in Part 2 of our “Components of a PKI” blog series is the ability to perform certificate revocation, or the CA’s ability to revoke certificates it issued previously.

Components of a PKI, Part 1: Digital Certificates

Digital certificates (most commonly represented by the X.509 public key certificate standard) are signed data objects that associate a public key with an individual user, device, or entity. In this case, we’re specifically referring to digital certificates formatted using the X.509 standard.