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Andy Schneider

Andy Schneider helps design and build identity solutions for customers. He provides businesses with expert guidance that enables them to harness the potential of technology to meet their goals and maximize their investments. Andy is a Microsoft platform specialist with specific expertise in design, writing and maintaining code, and systems engineering.

Azure Automation and SQL Server

Microsoft Azure Automation is a service that is designed to automate operational tasks across Azure and on-premises environments. It provides a way to create, test,

Active Directory Health Check

[VIDEO] [VIDEO] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddzKbxIQCqE It is essential to keep your Active Directory (AD) configuration up-to-date and secure. The Ravenswood℠ AD Health Check (ADHC) Tool is a

Five Ways to Keep Active Directory Secure

[ARTICLE] Five Ways to Keep Active Directory Secure When it comes to securing your company’s IT infrastructure, staying up to date on best practices and