Securing Privileged Access On-Premises and in the Cloud

Securing Privileged Access On-Premises and in the Cloud

Privileged identities are foundational to how you run, and even more importantly, secure your infrastructure. If your privileged identities are compromised or unprotected, chances are you are in for a bad day (or year). Fortunately, there are strategies to protect these identities that make an adversary’s work much, much harder. In this session we’ll talk about steps you should take to secure your Active Directory and limit the potential for lateral movement, privilege escalation, credential theft, and more. We’ll talk techniques like tiered security models, just-in-time administration, privileged access workstations (PAWs), and administrative forests. We’ll also address how to protect access to privileged identities in Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and Office 365.


What you will learn:

  • Active Directory Security
  • Privileged Access Best Practices
  • Entra ID/Office 365 Security