Equipping your organization with the right tools and strategies


Microsoft has developed some of the most advanced and powerful tools to help ensure business data is kept safe and secure. Ensuring that these security, compliance, and identity tools are deployed effectively requires deep technical knowledge so they can be configured to the specifics of your organization. 

Understanding the bigger picture

Technology needs to be deployed to support a wider strategy. We help you implement the tools that will support your long-term business goals, every step of the way.

A focus on Microsoft security and identity

We offer unparalleled knowledge of Microsoft products and services, and are passionate about educating our customers to give them confidence their environment is perfectly configured

Independent, honest advice

We always give it to you straight. Our globally recognized consultants will assess your plans and give you clear, practical advice on the best tools for the job.

Translating your needs into solutions

We work closely with you to understand your specific business problems, then apply an approach that is tailored to you and your needs.

[Our Expertise]

Our consultants are seasoned professionals, many with decades of experience of implementing these technologies while staying informed as they evolve and grow. Whether it’s ensuring that single sign-on is configured correctly for the needs of your business, that mobile workers can access your data anywhere without risk, or that your Active Directory is secure, we implement the right strategy for your business, whatever your size or goals. 


Active Directory Domain Services

Build a secure foundation for your network

Microsoft Identity Manager

Many systems, one identity

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Greater security for your apps and data

Microsoft Intune

Bring your BYOD program under control

Azure Information Protection

Total control over data before it leaves your company walls

Office 365

Identity, data security, and mobility for Office 365

Azure Active Directory

Enable a secure identity infrastructure for the cloud

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Manage Azure AD Groups with the Graph API

In my previous blog [Win32 App Deployment with Intune Supersedence Rules] I explained how to update Win32 applications deployed within Microsoft Intune by using the