How To Get the MIM Synchronization Service Groups

When you install the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Synchronization Service, you have to provide five security groups for privileged access. Once the installation has been completed there isn’t a simple way to find out what groups were configured. This can be an issue if you have inherited an installation or there is no documentation available for reference.

One way to find out what groups were configured is to run the MIM Synchronization Service installer and choose the Configure option. You’ll need to know the password for the service account to do this. Another way to get this information is to query the MIM Synchronization Service database.

The script included in this article will provide output similar to what’s shown below.

MIM Sync Security Groups

To run this script, run the following command:
.\GetMIMSyncGroups.ps1 -Server "&ltMIMSQLServerName&gt" -Database "FIMSynchronizationService"

You can download the script here. Don’t forget to unblock the file before you try to run it.