6 Ways to Increase Hybrid Active Directory Security in an Ever-Changing Landscape

6 Ways to Increase Hybrid Active Directory Security

As a result of aging IT systems and increased sophistication of hackers, threats to cybersecurity continue to be on the rise. Whether through malware, data breaches, insider threats or general malicious activity, attackers seek to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Active Directory because it’s the central authentication and access control system for most companies.  

Work-from-home programs continue to create additional security risks and challenges for IT departments, especially when managing across hybrid cloud environments. IT Administrators need to implement the proper architecture to balance managing and protecting on-premises, hybrid, and cloud Active Directory with additional initiatives to review security and sustain compliance and efficiency objectives. 

In this webinar, Brian Desmond, Principal at Ravenswood Technology Group, and Robert Bobel, Founder and CEO of Cayosoft, came together to talk about the current challenges of Active Directory management. These two leading Active Directory experts discuss some of the most common AD security risks when operating in Active Directory and Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) environments and six ways to mitigate those risks, using AD hardening and other techniques, to increase your Active Directory security.