Automating Data Classification and Protection with Microsoft 365

Automating Data Classification and Protection with Microsoft 365

The first step in protecting your information is knowing what information to protect.  If you under-protect your sensitive data, your organization is at risk of a data breach.  If you over protect your data, your organization will be overspending on protections that don’t reduce risk. So how do you properly classify your data to find the right balance? 


This FREE 60-minute workshop with Alex from Hive Systems and Brian Desmond from Ravenswood Technology Group walks you through this process and answers questions like:

  • How do you implement a data classification strategy?
  • How does data classification impact data protection?
  • What tools are available from Microsoft to scan and find data in Azure?
  • How can Microsoft Information Protection and DLP help with automating data classification and labeling?
This workshop draws on decades of experience protecting organizations and couples it with deep Microsoft expertise, while breaking it down in an approachable and actionable way.