A holistic approach to Active Directory Domain Services

A security first approach

We literally wrote the book on Active Directory, so you can be confident you're working with the experts to design and implement a secure Active Directory domain services strategy that addresses your company requirements and is resilient to modern threats.

Cutting edge tools

We can advise how tools like Advanced Threat Analytics can detect problems before they have a chance to do any damage.

A custom Health Check service

Our Health Check service can scan your current configuration for hundreds of configuration, security and operational best practices, and make actionable recommendations to improve.

Design reviews and remediation

Active Directory is such a foundational technology that many companies can benefit from a holistic review of their design and implementation. We have extensive experience carrying these reviews, and helping organizations transition to a stable and secure foundation for the future.

Cloud Readiness

Any future move to cloud infrastructure or services relies on a stable on-premises foundation. We can ensure your Active Directory domain services strategy is cloud proof.

Active Directory Domain Services

Our expertise

Active Directory Domain Services provide you with a powerful and highly sophisticated means of defining how users will access your environment and systems. However, configuring AD DS to the specific needs of your organization—and the needs of your users—requires in depth knowledge.

Our consultants have unparalleled knowledge of AD DS, and have worked on projects large and small for many years. We have the experience to not only ensure you have the right tools for today, but that you are also future proofed for tomorrow.

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